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Kinnary Jangla | Pinterest engineer, Discovery

“Empowered women empower women!” At Pinterest, we truly believe this! Whoever you are, whatever you do and regardless of your identity, you have the right to belong to any industry. Your talent and skills are not decided by your gender or beliefs. We’re constantly working to ensure that everyone who works at Pinterest has a safe and empowering place to call their own, which is why we were proud to have recently hosted 200+ women in tech as part of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners.

Being a woman engineer at Pinterest, I feel that my work is extremely valued, and much of that starts at the leadership level. Our co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann kicked the night off and shared stories from the early days of Pinterest and what it takes to build a strong and inclusive team. Any engineering organization looks for talent, but when talent marries with empathy, fairness and equality, magical things happen!

Following Ben, the group heard from Head of Engineering Li Fan, CTO Vanja Josifovski and Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Candice Morgan in a panel on topics ranging from combating gender bias in the workplace to technical challenges.

Engineer Zhefei Yu later discussed visual search at Pinterest including Lens and object detection, and dove into how the team built our latest features using computer vision and deep learning technology. She also talked about how products evolved, including technical efforts and product design, to better help our users. See her talk in the video below.

Additionally, product manager Frances Haugen discussed mitigating bias in machine learning. She walked through how machine learning is only as objective as we intentionally design our systems to be, and how we must be aware of the biases introduced into our systems via historical engagement patterns and training data selection.

Every such event that happens, where so many women come together, it strengthens the world a little more. It adds perspective to existing issues that women have faced since many years and continue to still fight them. It enlightens so many and energizes many others.

We’re committed to making Pinterest a very diverse, fair and fun workplace. Thank you to BAGGD for letting us be a part of their work!

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