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In this digital era, we are dependent on online shopping, but is online shopping feasible for every product? It can be good for groceries, or clothes, where a photo or a review might be helpful and assist our purchase, however, when it comes to electronics, do we still prefer buying a product online or going to the nearest store and experience the product?

The look and feel, and other primary features which make a major impact on buying decision cannot be experienced online. For instance, we generally do not tend to buy headphones online, because, before making a purchase we would always want to hear and experience its sound quality, test comfort, ensure proper fit and be sure of a good mic.

Such an experience was not possible with online shopping before came into existence. Now, you do not have to hop from store to store looking for your product or haggling for the best prices. has brought the ‘try and buy’ experience of electronics at your doorstep at your convenient time.

Try and Buy with

The offline shopping experience with the online website is very seamless. You can select and choose up to 3 products for a trial. This comes in very handy when we are confused amongst different models or brands of the same product and this gives us a store experience at home.
Once the trial is placed, an executive from Tryitfirst (TIF) will come at the location selected with the products ordered for trial. These products will not be new but out of the box original trial products. Since its a “trial” product it may differ in color but the sealed product will be the one that’s color has been chosen by the customer. Also, a customer can make one trial order per day having a max of 3 trial products and if a customer chooses not to purchase any product after placing more than 3 trial orders, TIF can charge for a trial visit or reject further free trial to the customer.

In this 20 mins of the free trial, you can test out the speakers / headphones / earphones by connecting them to your home devices and play any music of your choice. We would say 20 mins of free trial because TIF executives have further orders to fulfill and hence any service beyond 20 mins will be minimally charged. If you don’t like a product and if it doesn’t suit your requirements you can rightfully decline to make the purchase. If the product fits your needs then you can pay the amount to TIF executive and get the product selected while you ordered online.

The free trial system is very strategic and customer friendly. On the first registration, you get 3 free trials, and on every purchase, the customer will get 4 trials, while the max number of trails in any account is capped to 4. Even if your trials are expired you can pay a minimal amount of 100Rs and get a trail at home which will be adjusted if you purchase the product. TIF provides 100% COD and genuine products as they directly procure from OEM’s, along with 365 days replacement for any manufacturing defects. For any further questions, you can always contact the customer service and clear your doubts.

We placed an order on TIF and were extremely happy with their services. What impressed us most was that the trial executive was not only a medium to get the product at doorstep, but also, he was well versed with the product configurations and specifications which helped us decide to choose amongst the products.

We loved the idea of “Try it First” in the category of electronics, such services assure us that we are buying the product that’s genuine and best fit. Do not miss your first-hand experience to the same and login to website

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