the laptop battery can only use the battery less than 5 minutes

It is understood that the introduction of new S & P company is Chongqing’s first laptop project of strategic goods, it will bring a large number of parts into Yu, thereby attracting more brand manufacturers and OEM companies to enter, while promoting the brand manufacturers, foundries , strategic materials and components business Lai Yu pace, marking the city in the world’s largest notebook computer manufacturers Dell d820 battery build the road base, has taken a key step.

Lithium group mainly engaged in notebook computers and related parts production and sales of new S & P, in the West Wing Composite Bonded second production base in China, following the world’s largest foundry Taiwan notebook Quanta, the world’s largest server OEM manufacturers and notebook computer business Inventec after another number one industry supporting the global business, its annual output of about 30 million group of cells, accounting for a global market share of 1 / 4. The new general is currently registered office in Chongqing, the production base covers an area of about 200 acres, plans to invest 90.01 million U.S. dollars, mainly in notebook lithium batteries and related parts and components production and sales, planning to 2012, the formation of 3000 total 10000 laptop battery capacity.

According to the plan, the new S & P Technology Battery Module China’s second production base will be built next year in June, put into operation in August, 2012, an annual 20 million notebook computer batteries capacity.

Editor on the Human Rights Defenders issued a number of consumers seeking help with random surveys to understand and found the main problems is the Lenovo Y430 series models. Consumers reflected the use of which computer suddenly appeared a year later the battery standby time is short on the issue, after fully charged before you can use more than two hours, can now only be able to use some of the consumer to reflect less than 5 minutes.

Guangdong Xia on October 10, 2008 purchased the computer model, to December 2009 can only use the battery less than 5 minutes. Lenovo customer service on the computer’s battery Xia was detected, said the quality of the battery no problem, but when asked Lenovo to show him Xia test report, the association said they can not be provided to consumers.

Liaoning Ip is the February 2009 purchase of the computer, in June 2010 issue of the battery suddenly, the computer shows remaining battery power and 90% of the time the computer is automatically shut down, plug in the power turned on the battery’s remaining capacity was found only 4%.

Due to faults rather special and difficult to clear, so that the maintenance of registration, when the staff a little fat, ignorant, I do not know how to fill out is. Is the laptop battery broken? ‘m Not! Notebook power supply broken? ‘m Not! Is the motherboard broken? Still says no!

Since the reception of staff and clients that do not know, that only by maintenance engineers to communicate directly to the. When turned on, turned off soon. Single use batteries, or a separate power supply adapter can be used normally. According to the customer account, he used a machine with the battery out, wait until the battery runs out, plug the power suddenly shut down outside, and then turn it on like the phenomenon now.

As can be seen from the customer’s account, he provided a key information point, failure is a sudden increase in power when the arise. According to this, the first general maintenance engineer can determine, this laptop may be in a protected, but in the end is that part of the protection circuit in the work? Engineers think, very likely, and laptop battery management, charge and discharge circuit related.

To test their ideas, engineers began to dismantle the board. First, he aimed at the interface between the board and battery from the above, can suddenly find out the causes of the right … …

Lithium-ion battery cathode materials are usually composed of active compounds of lithium, anode is a special molecular structure of carbon. Common cathode material mainly composed of LiCoO2, charging, plus the potential to force the battery cathode polar compounds that release lithium ion, embedded negative elements were arranged in the lamellar structure of carbon. Discharge, the lithium-ion from the lamellar structure of the carbon in precipitation, and positive re-combination of compounds. Lithium-ion mobile rise to a current.

Although the chemical reaction principle is very simple, but in the actual industrial production, the practical problems need to be considered much more: cathode material additives required to maintain the activity of several charge and discharge, anode material required to design the molecular structure level accommodate more lithium-ion; fill in the electrolyte between the positive and negative, in addition to stability, but also has good electrical conductivity and reduce the battery internal resistance.

Although the lithium-ion batteries are nickel-cadmium batteries few memory effect, memory effect is the principle of crystallization in lithium battery will not produce such a reaction, almost. However, lithium-ion battery capacity after repeated charge and discharge will continue to decline, its causes are complex and diverse. Mainly positive and Dell d830 batteries negative changes in the material itself, from the molecular level, the positive and negative electrodes of lithium ion on the hole to accommodate the structure will gradually collapse, blocking; from a chemical point of view, is the active anode material is passive, there’s the other side to form a stable compounds. Cathode material physics will appear gradually falling off, etc. In short, can ultimately reduce the battery charge and discharge process of free movement in the lithium-ion number.

Over-charging and over-discharge, lithium-ion batteries will cause permanent damage to positive and negative, from the molecular level, intuitive understanding, excessive discharge of carbon anode will lead to excessive release of lithium ions make their lamellar structure is collapsed, over- will charge too much into the negative electrode of lithium ion hard carbon structure to go, and make some lithium-ion can no longer be released. This is also why the lithium-ion batteries are usually equipped with charge-discharge control circuit reasons.

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