Sharing Vespa (Open Source Big Data Serving…

By Jon Bratseth, Distinguished Architect, Oath

I had the wonderful opportunity to present Vespa at the SF Big Analytics Meetup on September 26th, hosted by Amplitude. Several members of the Vespa team (Kim, Frode and Kristian) also attended. We all enjoyed meeting with members of the Big Analytics community to discuss how Vespa could be helpful for their companies. Thank you to Chester Chen, T.J. Bay, and Jin Hao Wan for planning the meetup, and here’s our presentation, in case you missed it (slides are also available here):

Largely developed by Yahoo engineers, Vespa is our big data processing and serving engine, available as open source on GitHub. It’s in use by many products, such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Oath Ads Platforms. 

Vespa use is growing even more rapidly; since it is open source under a permissive Apache license, Vespa can power other external third-party apps as well. 

A great example is Zedge, which uses Vespa for search and recommender systems to support content discovery for personalization of mobile phones (Android, iOS, and Web). Zedge uses Vespa in production to serve millions of monthly active users.

Visit to learn more and download the code. We encourage code contributions and welcome opportunities to collaborate.

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