Purpose of Education and Science


                                  Purpose of Education and Science

    Education is through motivation and satisfying the needs of humans. The scientific world is part of an elongated human development. This this can be substantiated with the use and evolution of computers. Education of the entities that comprise the need to achieve the ultimate goal of science is an important issue of today. Education is a conglomerate believes of individual mind.

    The scientific world plays a role in this development of individual. It can be said that science is based on strategic planning. In the early evolutionary stage it has been noted through history that ideas and inventions can be obtained through exploration and scientific abomination. Education is the foundation of the continuity sustainability and transformation. The group of individual learners can be the sole of success of education.

    We can achieve our needs through critical innovation of the mind regardless of our role in society. Everyone is a learner since we do not have control over what is to be learned. The circumstances surrounding education and its mode of delivery may be due to affordability and security. These in turns affect the volatility and the flexibility of learning.

   To eliminate doubts and worry, education needs justify the prosperity of societal factors. The incumbents involve must have the resources of attaining their goals. Since we have various goals and needs, society or organization must always embed or include scenario and standard of accomplishments with their expectations.

    The modalities of learning comprised all entities of understanding processes of humans. The dexterity of the mind can be explained through all means of communications. Both internal and external modes of communication can be justify in the development of intelligence.

    The learning processes not only consist of spiritual processes, but all physical environmental and technological scientific means. The learning modes changes as one progresses through the channel of dwelling of living. The society must realized that learning yield success only if it is applied substantially through the minds of the individuals. Individuals learned most under the assumptions that they posses already all the preliminary process of life within the society. As mentioned in one of the seminar sessions inTucson,Arizonawe as humans tend to follow with a can-do attitude. Acquiring self knowledge always demand self reflection. According to  how Dr Wilburn of Newark, Delaware explained at a seminar in Arizona, in the United States of America,”there is absolutely no way we can get to know ourselves if we don’t take some quiet time to meditate; Contemplation is another one of the ways adult tends to learn.” Most adults are willing to open to ideas and will try untested approaches and accept risk of learning. When people are at their personal best, their projects involve creative thinking and beyond-the-boundaries thinking because of the atmospheric conditions accord to them during the process of learning.

    Even though we have gone through a process at an early stage, we must realized that nothing is done perfectly the very first time, not in schools, not in sports, not in games and certainly not in communities. We must also understand that as humans evolve through changes, and that humans tend to search for learning opportunities. Opportunities that will meet the current changes and the foresee changes. The future changes may depend on the learning materials of the present.

   Changes in education of our mind may involve physical, psychological and social changes as opposed to environmental changes in our society and schools. Education rests on the hands of the beholder. Education and science must be intrigue in our mind as important aspects of life as we progress through life. Education and science are based on the needs and consequences derived from the pasts. We all make mistakes and we must learn from our mistakes which is a form of making progress

  Education and Science is based on the homogeity of physical resources available to us as human. Our adaptation is the objectivity of our consciousness. It should be noted that contemptuous circumstances can be resolved through education.

          Article By: Dr. Iwasan D. Kejawa, BBA. MS. EDD


Source by Dr. Iwasan Kejawa, Ed.D