Product Blitz: Stay on Top of Innovations

During this time of challenge for our nation and our manufacturing sector, the business of developing new production systems continues. To help that process move forward, Machine Design will feature three new products each day to keep innovation at the top of mind for our end users, our OEMs and integrators, and our supply community.

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Wireless Monitoring

The Perceptive Technologies wireless monitoring system from Regal Beloit Corporation provides 24/7 services to help detect abnormalities in equipment before they become problematic. At a fraction of the cost of a wired system, the Perceptive Technologies wireless monitoring system eliminates the need to be near operating equipment and is adaptable to any industry. Monitoring can be performed on-site or from a cloud platform on equipment like fans, pumps, motors and blowers. Regal’s wireless monitoring system allows users to take advantage of the extensive industrial experience ofthe Perceptive Technologies team to monitor and analyze machinery remotely, helping to improve reliability and maximize production.

Regal Beloit

Product Blitz Xuron

Wire Cutter

The Xuron Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter features full blade bypass cutting which causes the wire to break, rather than being squeezed and deformed as happens with standard cutters.  Leaving flat ends on both sides of the cut wire, the by-pass cutting combined with a high-leverage cutting head minimizes the hand pressure. The Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter is made of alloyed steel and heat treated, with hardened cutting edges to Rc 60-62. This ergonomic cutter has a glare-eliminating black finish, cushioned Xuro-Rubber hand grips and a return spring.  It is rated for cutting hard wire up to 0.040 in. dia.

Xuron Corporation

Product Blitz Pfa

Locking Cylinder

The 70 series Mini Hydraulic Preloading and Locking Cylinder is part of the PFA Inc.’s KOR-LOKSide-Action System product line. The cylinder features 8,000 lb of preload force in a new narrow format, allowing multiple small cores to nest together and time independently.  Smaller ports and low-profile sensors ensure a large competitive advantage to standard compact hydraulic cylinders. Smaller ports and low-profile sensors ensure a large competitive advantage to standard hydraulics and other compact hydraulic cylinders. Unique zero psi locking supports green technologies that save energy by dropping hydraulic pressure during injection, eliminating the need for always-on independent hydraulic core pull pumps and providing further energy savings.

PFA, Inc.  

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