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Pepper – A Social Robot from Softbank

Posted on January 8, 2017  Comments (2)

Pepper is a social robot developed in France and part of the Japanese conglomerate Softbank.

Pepper robots are at work in retail stores in Asia and Europe as sales associates. The first personal robots have been available in Japan for 2 years now and may be available elsewhere soon.

For now they are not designed for physical work; for now the focus is on interacting with people in a way that is engaging. The potential of humanoid robots is bright. We obviously have a long way to go.

Pepper has been designed to identify your emotions and to select the behavior best suited to the situation. Based on your voice, the expression on your face, your body movements and the words you use, Pepper will interpret your emotion and offer appropriate content.

Pepper will also respond personally to the mood of the moment, expressing itself through the color of eyes, tablet or tone of voice.

Video from 2 years ago:

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