PCIM Europe is Alive, Interactive, and Free in Cyberspace

Although you won’t be able to go to the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) conference in person at the Nuremburg Messe this year, you can still attend it free of charge as a virtual event from July 7-8, 2020. On top of being one of Europe’s premier power technology events, this year’s conference is a remarkable demonstration of how quickly the technology community has been able to come up with ways to remain productive, innovative, and collaborative in the face of the global pandemic.

It’s only been four months since the COVID outbreak began to disrupt “business-as-usual” within the tech sector. However, PCIM’s organizers have managed to enhance the mostly static format of earlier cyber-conferences with a fair amount of interactivity. In fact, many of the 250 live-streamed presentations are interactive, allowing attendees to participate in Q&A sessions, and, in some cases chat with others in the audience.

There’s even a virtual networking session on Tuesday evening, where you can meet like-minded colleagues, as well as a “business speed-dating” event in which you will be able to meet many potential clients, vendors, and service providers.

A Rich, Interactive Program

The conference program offers nearly 200 technical presentations, covering a broad spectrum of power-related subjects, each followed by an interactive Q&A session. The themes for these sessions are:

  • Automotive DC-DC Converters
  • SiC and GaN Devices & Applications
  • High Voltage IGBT Modules
  • Advanced Power Semiconductor Devices and Hybrid Combinations
  • Packaging Technologies
  • Gate Drivers and Control Methodologies
  • Power Cycling
  • Transducers and Sensors
  • Sintering Technologies
  • Control Techniques in Electrical Drives
  • Thermal Management and Inductance Design
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Innovative Data Center Power Solutions
  • Special Session: Reliability and Safety of Energy Storage Systems
  • Special Session: Rail Traction Power Supplies

Visitors can also enjoy forums, consisting of shorter talks, split into an Industry Forum and an e-Mobility Forum.

Highlights of the Industry Forum include:

Highlights of the e-Mobility Forum include:   

Virtual Now, Real-World Next Year?

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While you won’t get to enjoy the sights and flavors of Nuremburg this year, you will be able to take home a treasure trove of tech education for free, without the jet lag, sore feet, and long bathroom lines that accompany real-world conferences. But, if the world’s efforts to control the COVID pandemic are successful, PCIM’s organizers hope to bring the event back to the Nuremburg Messe as a hybrid cyber/real-world event in May of 2021. And if they do, I bet we’ll all be glad to suffer those minor hardships next year for the chance to finally sit down face-to-face with our friends and colleagues over a very cold, and quite decidedly analog, mug of beer.

Free Admission – Register Now 

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