PCB Assembly Services – Screaming Circuits: Update on Wildfires and Screaming Circuits

Update for Monday, September 14


We are back to about 80% – 90% capacity. Some orders, especially 24 and 48 hour turns may be delayed as we catch up.


While Western Oregon continues to face an extreme forest fire situation, the areas nearest to Screaming Circuits have stabilized. However, communities not far away are still under evacuations orders or are at fire risk, and the outside air quality is still hazardous. We are not yet back to normal, but are getting much closer.


Please contact customer service if you need information about the status of your order. All work is being prioritized based on requested turn-time and original scheduled delivery date.


It has been a long few days.

  • Wednesday, the 9th, we evacuated the plant due to hazardous air quality and the volatility of the fire situation.
  • Thursday, we brought in trucks, loaded up every Screaming Circuits customer parts kit and drove them to safety.
  • Friday, with the immediate threat to life and electronics past, we turned our attention to the in-plant air quality and brought in air scrubbers and an environmental consultant.
  • Saturday, we dipped our toes in with a volunteer production crew.
  • Sunday, we brought the parts kits back in and resumed production.
  • Monday, we still have a few employees evacuated, but were able to ramp back to near full capacity.

We appreciate your patience during the challenging time and will provide updates as we have them.

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