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Are you going the the Open Hardware Conference in New York (March 13, 2020)? If you are, you can get your hands on the Screaming Circuits / Sunstone Circuits “You Do You” electronic lapel pin. If you are not going to be there, or would like to hack the one you’ve got, we’ll have files and instructions for you.

First, what is this “YDY” (You Do You) thing?

Hey – you’re the inventor, the entrepreneur, the innovator. Some of you want to solder your boards and some of you don’t. We’re an electronics manufacturer and we support you either way. If you are building your own, you do you. If you need us to build them, we’ll do us.

What is it?

The the Screaming Circuits / Sunstone Circuits “You Do You” electronic lapel pin is a 1.3″ x 1.6″ lapel pin powered by a single CR2032 coin cell (yes, batteries are included in the gift pack at the OSHWA 10th anniversary summit). It’s driven by a Microchip PIC18F46K22 microcontroller, a Freescale MMA8452 MEMS accelerometer, many 0402 LEDs and a bunch of 0201 passives on a 5 mil trace and space PC board from Sunstone Circuits.

It’s perfect for the shy person wishing to avoid eye contact. Simply clip it to your lapel. When you go to shake someone’s hand, the MMA8452 will register the movement, causing the YDY LEDs to light up and distract the handshakeee, diverting their gaze from your eyes to your lapel. Extra shy people may clip it to their shoelaces for even greater gaze avertment.

What more information?

Stay tuned – or come back here periodically. This blog post will eventually be loaded up with links to design files, source code and the dreaded “some assembly required” instructions. It won’t be that bad. If you get the badge at OSHW 2020, all the electronics will be soldered on. You’ll just need to stick on the lapel clip and put the battery in.

Want one already built?

Go to OSHWA 2020 and look in your goody bag.

Duane Benson
YDY could also mean Yaks Devour Yttrium


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