Our Partnership with TechWomen Grows

A group of LinkedIn mentors and the Emerging Leaders hosted at LinkedIn


Areas of focus for ELs at LinkedIn

LinkedIn matched mentors with ELs based on similarities in the areas of focus. This year, our ELs wanted to focus on learning how to work with big data and perform analysis and data integration, drive user design and experience, and manage products and projects in bigger IT companies.

To help narrow in on these topics and goals, mentor activities included things like defining and executing on a small project with each EL, having ELs shadow current projects, and conducting informative sessions based on their area of interest. We also arranged a series of technical talks and technical sessions for the ELs to help hone in on their areas of interest. Below are a few examples:

  • Arranged a discussion with our Economist, Guy Berger, for ELs to learn about LinkedIn’s Economic Graph project

  • Held a panel to talk about 5in5, how to build 5 projects in 5 weeks, a program that LinkedIn Talent Solutions started to foster creativity and support innovation

Leadership workshop and networking reception

A highlight of the program occurred on September 29 when, in partnership with TechWomen, LinkedIn proudly hosted an all-day leadership workshop and networking reception for all 100 ELs and mentors participating from the 32 companies hosting ELs in the Bay Area.

The workshop was targeted for ELs with a focus on “leveraging your strengths for leadership.” Attendees got to listen to a leadership panel that featured Erica Lockheimer, Head of Growth Engineering and Women in Tech at LinkedIn, and Beth Steinberg, Founder of Mensch Ventures, talking about balancing strengths. Additionally, we held a fireside chat featuring Shannon Stubo, LinkedIn’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Julie Norvaisas, Director of User Experience Research at LinkedIn, discussing how to leverage your strengths for personal branding.

LinkedIn also arranged profile headshots for all 100 ELs. The day ended with a networking reception for all the ELs and TechWomen mentors across Silicon Valley.

LinkedIn’s growing participation in TechWomen is mutually beneficial

It’s LinkedIn’s mission to connect our members to opportunities that help them advance in their careers. LinkedIn’s Women in Tech initiative and the internal team takes this mission to the next level for our technical talent, and TechWomen’s objective fits very well with this goal. The program provides a unique opportunity for LinkedIn’s employees to build on their learnings and give back at the same time. We will look to grow our contributions in future years.


Thank you to the amazing organizations and people who made this possible, including the Institute of International Education (IIE), the U.S. Department of State, TechWomen Emerging Leaders and Mentors, LinkedIn Women in Tech, and LinkedIn as a whole.

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