Musings from the 2nd Annual MolochON

By Andy Wick, Chief Architect, Oath & Elyse Rinne, Software Engineer, Oath

Last month, our Moloch team hosted the second all day Moloch conference at our Dulles, Virginia campus. Moloch, the large-scale, full packet capturing, indexing, and database system was developed by Andy Wick at AOL (now part of Oath) in 2011 and open-sourced in 2012. Elyse Rinne joined the Moloch team in 2016 to enhance the tool’s front-end features. The project enjoys an active community of users and contributors.

Most recently, on November 1, more than 80 Moloch users and developers joined the Moloch core team to discuss the latest features, administrative capabilities, and clever uses of Moloch.

Speakers from Elastic, SANS, Cox, SecureOps, and Oath presented their experiences setting up and using Moloch in a variety of security-focused scenarios. Afterwards, the participants brainstormed new project features and enhancements. We ended with happy hour giving a chance to relax and network. Although most of the talks were not recorded due to the sensitive topics related to blue team security tactics in some of the presentations, we do have these presentation recordings and slides that are cleared for the public:

If you are a blue team security professional, consider joining the Moloch community, use and help contribute to the project, and chat with us on Slack. To get started, check out our README and FAQ pages on GitHub.

P.S. We’re hiring security professionals, whom we lovingly call paranoids!

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