Managing Your Yahoo Account Access is Easier than…

By Dylan Casey, Vice President of Product Management

We’re making it easier than ever to see and manage all of the devices connected to your Yahoo account. Today, you might notice some new improvements to help you keep track of the account activity and devices associated with your Yahoo account. This information is available to all users under “Account Info” here: Before we get too technical, let’s explain how this works in a real-world scenario.

Imagine that your phone falls out of your pocket in a taxi and later that day you realize that you’ve lost it. From a computer, tablet or alternate device, just sign in to your Yahoo account and head over to “Account Info.” There you’ll find a tab that says “Recent Activity.” Find the apps on your phone that are shown to have access to your account and remove them. This will invalidate the OAuth token so that no one else can use those apps to access your account on your lost phone. The same can be done for any other devices you might own that are authorized to use your Yahoo account, including a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or cell phone.

Users already had the ability to invalidate OAuth tokens through the Member Center, but this feature makes it easier to see and control which devices and apps are validated to access their Yahoo account, offering greater convenience and peace of mind.

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