Jurassic Hack at Yammer – We Are Yammer – Medium

Our Hack Days are a great tradition at Yammer, giving everyone who works here a chance to work on anything they want, in exactly the way they want, in the pursuit of fun, learning, camaraderie, and an ever better product. Our 13th Hack Day, back in July, was no different.

Follow the exciting journey of a group of new employees — among them engineers, analysts, and designers—as they experience their very first Hack Day, work on their hacks, and find out what it takes to win one of our coveted trophies, along with the admiration and envy of all their coworkers. Also, dinosaurs.

Congrats to everyone who hacked, and all our winners! We saw a lot of interesting work, some of which is even finding its way into our product. Our next Hack Day is right around the corner! Who knows what incredible feats we’ll see as we set our sights on… THE FUTURE.

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