In which CODE2040 and Medium hold a writing workshop for software engineers

Enter the writers: CODE2040 Fellows

Who are they? They’re software engineering interns, college-age, brilliant and motivated. This description comes first-hand, because we’ve had the pleasure of hosting three of them at Medium this summer. ❤ CODE2040 helps to connect companies with black and Latinx students for internships. This year, the fifth year of the program, there were more than 80 fellows working all around the Bay Area. On this particular evening, we played host to more than 40 who were based in San Francisco.

Now enter the enablers: Medians

Twenty of my coworkers came along to help. 🙂 Because CODE2040 fellows are software engineers, the majority of the volunteers hailed from Medium Engineering, but we had representatives from the Design Team, Product, Recruiting, and HR… basically everyone. We were there to support, by being facilitators, sounding boards, copy-editors, and cheerleaders.

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