Improving Member Productivity with In-Product Help

The topic can be dynamic and is defined by the application that is rendering the widget. This allows application developers to set the topic contextually—for instance, if a certain view is visible or a particular feature is being used. 


Our first target integration for In-Product Help was the Flagship desktop experience, which is Ember-based. At present, we have ramped this feature to all members who have their language set to English. 

Future rollouts include extending the feature to other languages and to native mobile platforms, as well as to other LinkedIn products such as Recruiter and Sales Navigator.  


In-Product Help is a simple solution to a difficult problem. The widget that we built allows members to do all these things without leaving an application:

  • Get contextual help content instantly.
  • View summarized, “bite-sized” help articles.
  • Rate an article’s helpfulness.
  • Perform a custom text-based search for help content.

Additionally, we have built In-Product Help with scale in mind, such that it can be adopted for use across the LinkedIn ecosystem.  Moving forward, we will continue to work with partner teams to integrate In-Product Help into their products, in addition to adding international support.


In-Product Help is the fruit of many people’s labor. Special thanks to Chris WhiteStephanie LucasJames GatenbySanmin LiuCindi JordanJoe VillafuerteAris Harutyunyan, and Zhou Jin.

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