How to master physics

Students often find physics as one of the toughest subjects to study at school and for the preparation of competitive exams like IITJEE, AIEEE PMT etc. Physics is one of the subject along with chemistry which you need to study if want to become an engineer or a doctor. Here in this article I would point out the ways to study physics effectively and master the subject easily.

Mathematics is the language of physics. So you must have a tight grip of few mathematical concepts like calculus (both integral and differential), Fourier series, algebra, matrices, differential equations etc. With good knowledge of mathematics you can easily follow all the derivations given in the text and interpret them easily.

 If you are a student then before attending your class do preparations for your lecture which means go through your text book, read the chapter and prepare yourself for your forthcoming lecture. Try never to miss your lectures and listen them carefully. Since you have read your lessen before you can easily clear your doubts and have discussion with your faculty. Before your classes make sure that you have studied notes from your previous lecture as it would make easier for you to understand the concepts discussed in the current lecture.

You should never forget to take notes during your lecture. After going home prepare a fresh copy of your notes and short notes of your lessen so that you can revise them easily while studying for your exams. Yes never forget to jot down your doubts and their possible explanations. Once you have a doubt or problem regarding any concept or problem do not hesitate to ask questions or clear your doubts with your teachers as soon as you find one.

After completing your chapter do not forget to practice related problems as they help you to clear your concepts. The more problems you solve the more comfortable you get with the subject. Revise your lessons regularly so that it becomes impossible for you to forget the chapter.

Discuss concepts and problems of physics with your friends, teachers and tutor as an open discussion would make you clear about the concepts, problems and solution on the subject.

Use good books to read the subject and there are lots of websites available you could use to get content and practice problems. You can make use of the available resources and study effectively towards better understanding of the subject.

Source by Rati