How to add Masterpass support to your site through Square’s eCommerce API

As part of our continuous work to make it easier for our developers to support the growing range of online payment methods, we are happy to announce that now Square’s eCommerce API will support Masterpass for our US sellers. By doing this we guarantee that our sellers will be able to close their sales with every method buyers are interested in paying with.

Masterpass is Mastercard’s digital wallet, which lets buyers checkout easily, quickly, and securely from your site using all major card brands.

To enable Masterpass, simply follow the three steps below:

Step 1 – Add your Location ID to the SqPaymentForm. (Note: you can find your Location ID by logging into your developer portal):

Step 2 – Similar to the other wallets we support, add the following in the callback section:

Step 3 – Add the CreatePaymentRequest:

By adding Masterpass support for our developers and the sellers they serve, buyers can pay using the payment method they prefer. To learn more about what you can do with Square’s e-commerce API, see our documentation on embedding a payment form.

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