Filter cloth for industrial manufacturing

Filter cloth is one of the most needed materials in the industrial engineering and manufacturing. This type of filtering material fulfils the requirement of process equipment. Filter cloths are designed keeping in mind precision, drying capabilities and frequency of particle capture. Manufacturing companies put in place stringent quality control procedures during the production. 

Filter cloth yarns come with quite special physical and chemical properties. Each manufactures ensures that these physical and chemical properties are looked into, before the finished product is launched in market. Right from process of designing and moving through the dimension metrics, and then the final creation – the entire production is sensitive in nature. 

It is quite significant to think on the fibre quality as well as the type when making the selection of fibre clothing. The ultimate purpose of using filter cloth is quick and refined filtration and nothing else. You need to look into heat resistance, chemical resistance and physical properties. The micron size is yet another serious consideration that should hit your mind while making choice of filter cloth for your type of industry.

The choice of cloth for air filtration – In air filtration, the goal is purification, where it is the incoming or outgoing air. In many types of industrial applications, incoming and outgoing air is mixed for effective results in production process. Take for example the smelting plant where the dust is recovered by using refined quality filter cloth. Similarly, the power plant filters fly ash that is later used as an aggregate in concrete.

Liquid Filtration – In this type of process, the filter cloth is used for product refining and recovery and filtrate clearance. The cloth will prevent flow of solid matter through filter cloth.

The most popular types of filter cloth used in the production of industrial purposes includes  Polypropylene Filter Cloth, Polypropylene Felt Filter Cloth, Polyester Filter Cloth, Polyester Felt Filter Cloth, Nylon Filter Cloth,     Cotton Filter Cloth, Conductive (Anti-Static) & Non-Conductive Filter Cloth, Nomex Filter Cloth,   Teflon Filter Cloth, Mesh Filter Cloth and Cheesecloth Filter Cloth.

The cloths are designed from variety of fabrics. Woven or felted filter cloth or spun, or multifilament, or woven construction of monofilament, or multiple combinations of yarns – the choice is unlimited and it all depends on type of filtration process, where it would find its usage. In general speaking, good quality filtration cloth is manufactured using high special kind of finishing techniques, weaving and very refined fibre. 

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