Fall 2013 Unit Ops and Process Control registration

Many seniors plan to take these classes in their final year.  The prerequisite for both classes is CHBE 3210 Transport II, and you can take them concurrently with ChBE 3225 Separations and/or CHBE 4300 Kinetics.  Since both of these classes are labs, we usually recommend taking them in two separate semesters when possible. 

You need to sign up for both the lecture and lab sections of this class when seats are open.  However, many of the sections are filled following Phase I registration.

Remember: CHBE 4200 is for standard option; CHBE 4210 is Biounit Ops for the biotechnology option.

If you plan to graduate in Fall 2013 and still need to take either of these classes, I hope you are either in the class or on the waitlist.  If you are NOT on the waitlist, you MUST register yourself for the waitlist of the LAB SECTION of the class you can take, and email me to let me know that you are graduating in the fall and must be prioritized on the wait list. You will not be able to register for the lecture section of the class until seats are opened if you are on the waitlist. 

Please note:  if you are on the waitlist for either of these classes and you are NOT graduating in Fall 2013, we cannot guarantee seat availability.  Graduating seniors will be given priority, and not all students on the waitlist will get a seat in the class.  In general, it will be easier to find seats in Unit Ops in the fall term as the number of seats in PC is more limited.

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