COVID-19, Digital Tech & You!

Last year, something happened that brought about a significant change in all our lives. The entire human race came together in the fight against COVID-19. While these have been tough times, one important aspect that has helped in the fight against the virus is digital technology.

In the last decade, the role of digital technology has amplified in all our lives. However, the actual impact and its significance in our lives became even more prominent in current times. Right from our physical wellbeing, to our mental health to our financial security, digital technology has touched all aspects of our lives in the past few months. Let’s look at some of these in detail.

1. Physical Wellbeing

Exercising regularly and staying fit has also become a priority for many people nowadays. Many fitness and exercising apps are helping them in doing so by giving them their fitness scorecard and suggesting appropriate exercises.

2. Mental Wellbeing

Since the pandemic began, factors such as job insecurity, news on the virus, social distancing measures, etc. have all contributed to a feeling of anxiety and even depression in the general public.

Digital technology has provided a solution to this through apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, etc. These apps help people to deal with anxiety and the stress of the pandemic through a collection of meditation guides.

3. Financial Wellbeing

Technology has enabled us to manage our finances in a better way. Mobile payment apps and e-wallets have made life easier and given quick access to many essentials recently.

It has also helped us get reliable information on our fingers tips. Hence people are now doing thorough research before investing or making any financial decisions. The recent uncertain times have also made us realise the importance of having a robust financial plan, which is now easier to make with the help of resources available online.

A smart and well researched financial plan should definitely include a term plan. In my research online I came across the ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart plan.

ICICI Prudential I-Protect product benefits in a nutshell – 

  1. Life coverage of 99 years
  2. Life coverage of 1 Crore at a monthly premium of Rs 490
  3. Flexibility to add additional benefits with a nominal increase in premium
  4. Optional Accidental Death benefit coverage
  5. One day Life claim settlement
  6. Optional coverage of 34 critical illnesses
  7. Tax Benefits
  8. Availability of tele medical facility and fast policy issuance.

Added to this a trusted and reputed brand like ICICI Prudential Life, makes this plan an appealing option.

This pandemic has taught us to be ready for anything. To do this we need to, not only, take care of our family and our self but also to be financially prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. Our digital devices can help us to do this.


Advt : SOM/IA/2659/2020-21

Covid-19 claims

Our Life insurance policies cover COVID-19 claims under life insurance claims, subject to applicable terms and conditions of policy contract and extant regulatory framework. COVID-19 is not included in Critical Illness benefit covered under IProtect Smart.

1 Crore

The above mentioned premium rate is for ICICI Pru iProtect Smart for `1 Crore of life cover for a 25 year old healthy male for a policy term of 21 years with regular income payout option. The annual premium will be `5725 & the monthly premium will be `490. The premium amounts are inclusive of taxes.

Critical Illness

^The critical illness benefit is an accelerated benefit and the death benefit will be reduced by the critical illness cover paid to the policyholder. The future premiums payable for the residual CI Benefit will reduce proportionately. In case the CI Benefit equal to the Death Benefit, the policy will terminate on payment of the CI Benefit. Only doctor’s certificate confirming diagnosis needs to be submitted. On payment of Angioplasty, if the CI Benefit is more than `5,00,000 the policy will continue for other CIs with CI Benefit reduced by Angioplasty payout. To know more about the illnesses covered, please refer to the Sales brochure. Available under Life and Health and All in One options.

Critical Illness Benefit is limited to age of 75 and Accidental Death Benefit is limited to age of 80.


Accidental Death benefit (ADB) is up to Rs. 2 Crores. ADB is available in Life Plus and All in One options. In case of death due to an accident Accidental Death Benefit will be paid out in addition to Death Benefit. Accidental Death Benefit will be equal to the policy term or (80-Age at entry), whichever is lower.

Tax benefit

`Tax benefits under the respective policies are subject to conditions under Section 80C, 80D, 10(10D) and provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Goods and Services Tax and Cesses, if any, will be charged extra as per prevailing rates. Tax laws are subject to amendments made thereto from time to time.


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