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The 253rd ACS National Meeting starts on Sunday in San Francisco. Here’s what’s planned for chemical and laboratory safety; the Division of Chemical Health & Safety has its usual CHAS-At-A-Glance ready for printing. You can also find CHAS and the Committee on Chemical Safety in the Expo at booth 1125.

Note: I did not have time to proofread this after putting it together. If there’s something that you want to see, double-check the time and location with the actual program!

SUNDAY, April 2


  • High School Program; 1:00-4:25 pm; SF Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate C2 room (CHED, WCC)
    • Establishing a culture of laboratory safety in secondary education
    • Sex, drugs, and the high school chemistry curriculum
  • Best Practices in Selecting & Presenting Safety Training Content; 1:30-3:20 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, PRES)
    • Connecting safety culture to the educational mission
    • Preliminary results of the chemical safety information and education survey
    • Building safety culture through targeted training
    • Flipped classroom techniques in safety training
    • Relevant content, positive attitude, and memorable presentation
  • Ask Dr. Safety: Chemical & Occupational Safety in the Cannabis Industry; 3:35-5:15 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS)
    • Sensible approach to workplace drug testing for cannabis
    • Chemical and occupational safety in the cannabis industry

MONDAY, April 3

  • Committee on Chemical Safety meeting; 7:00-11:30 am; Hilton SF Union, Continental Ballroom 6
  • Textbooks & the Practice of Science: Before, During & After Gutenberg; 8:45-11:25 am; Park Central, Metropolitan III room (CINF, CHED, HIST)
    • Supporting transmission of knowledge for chemical safety education: An information workflow supplement to the laboratory textbook
  • Cannabis: Emerging Challenges in Regulations, Product Analysis & Processing; 9:00-11:25 am; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, SCHB)
    • Cannabis analysis: An overview of testing requirements and challenges in a rapidly emerging industry
    • Quality control analysis of contaminants in the medical cannabis market in California: Pesticide, plant growth regulators, residual solvents, and microbiological
      contaminants in cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis infused products
    • States as cannabis laboratories: The far-reaching implications of federal non-recognition in the regulation of marijuana contaminants
    • Assessing regulatory compliance at medical cannabis operations in the United States for patient focused certification
    • Challenges cannabis laboratories face in product analysis representative samples
    • Hemp as a nutritional supplement: Ensuring potency, safety, and regulatory compliance in manufacturing cannabis-derived health products
  • Teaching Laboratory Safety in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum, exhibitor workshop by Flinn Scientific; 9:30 am-noon; Moscone Center room 250


  • Undergraduate Research Posters; noon-2:00 pm; Moscone Center, Hall D (CHED)
    • Chemical safety and chemical disposal
  • Cannabis: Emerging Challenges in Regulations, Product Analysis & Processing; 1:30-4:05 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, SCHB)
    • Residual solvent contaminants in cannabis concentrates
    • Cannabis grow facilities: Identification and handling of hazardous wastes, a problem for environmental health departments
    • Thermal decomposition of THC on preparation of a distilled hash oil: A case study
    • THCA and CBDA: More than simply inactive precursors
    • Emerging challenges in cannabis regulations
    • CANN History: The first year as a subdivision at the ACS


  • Social Hour; 6:00-8:00 pm; Jillian’s at Metreon, corner of 4th and Howard (CHAS, CHAL)
  • Sci-Mix; 8:00-10:00 pm; Moscone Center, Hall D
    • Perception of risk in a quantitative analytical teaching laboratory
    • Absence of safety education in chemistry curriculum, and normalization of deviance
    • Revisiting and revising the safety ethic
    • Assessing risk for undergraduate research and demonstrations
    • Division of Chemical Health & Safety information poster
    • Cannabis analysis: A complex job under complex circumstances
    • Implementing sustainable practices in hands-off academic research labs
    • Safety as a core value of a student chapter
    • Improving the safety culture of the University of California, Irvine through a graduate safety fellowship
    • Assessing secondhand marijuana smoke using biological markers

TUESDAY, April 4

  • Information Flow in Environmental Health & Safety; 9:00 am-12:05 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, CINF)
    • Chemical safety requires a system, not a solution
    • Chemical information necessary to establish laboratory ventilation control bands
    • Reaction safety information: Engaging the community in collecting and sharing of safety learnings
    • Chemical management applications for the University of California
    • Comparing GHS hazard statements between different sources
    • Talking chemical safety: Terminologies and keywords in various information sources


  • Information Flow in Environmental Health & Safety; 1:30-4:20 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, CINF)
    • Consult the SDS
    • Graduate student perspective on the ACS online tool Hazard Assessment in Research Laboratories
    • Unique one-stop access to a multitude of chemical safety resources
    • EPA CompTox chemistry dashboard: An online resource for environmental chemists
    • Exposure driven risk assessment of nanoparticles: Towards a re-equilibration of the traditional risk = hazard x exposure equation
    • Assessing the activity and toxicity profile of small molecules using freely accessible software and data: The contributions of chemical ontologies, metabolism prediction, and spectra prediction


  • What Have We Learned & Where Are We Going: Post-Settlement in the University of California; 9:00-11:30 am; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, PRES)
    • Moving from compliance to safety in UC laboratories
    • 2700 Miles and a big step forward: The UC settlement and Princeton University
    • Beyond compliance: Building safety culture at UCLA
    • Moving on after the settlement – the approach of a small University of California campus
    • Continuous improvement opportunities in the UC system post-settlement agreement


  • What Have We Learned & Where Are We Going: Post-Settlement in the University of California; 1:30-4:00 pm; Park Central, Olympic room (CHAS, CCS, PRES)
    • Establishing a student-enforced safety culture in academic research labs
    • Successfully implementing a positive safety culture in an R1 research laboratory as a graduate safety officer
    • Heavy lifting of compliance: A graduate student perspective
    • UC-Davis: SOP task force committee
    • Continuing to promote careful chemistry in the post-settlement era
  • Communicating Science in the Twenty-First Century to Diversified Audiences; 1:30-4:55pm; SF Marriott Marquis, Salons 3/4 (CHED, CPRC, CWD, PRES)
    • Signaling safety in the chemistry classroom


  • Current Best Practices for Chemistry REU Programs; 8:00-10:45 am; SF Marriott Marquis, Sierra B room (CHED, PRES)
    • Providing laboratory safety education to REU audiences

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