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The 254th ACS National Meeting starts on Sunday in Washington, D.C. Here’s what’s planned for chemical and laboratory safety; the Division of Chemical Health & Safety has its usual CHAS-At-A-Glance ready for printing. You can also find CHAS and the Committee on Chemical Safety in the Expo at booth 1038.

I will be giving two talks at the meeting. I’ve highlighted them with the Safety Zone flask below.

Note: I did not have time to proofread this after putting it together. If there’s something that you want to see, double-check the time and location in the actual program!

SUNDAY, Aug. 20

  • Division of Chemical Health & Safety executive committee meeting, agenda book here, 8:30 AM-noon, Convention Center room 146C


  • High school program, 1:00-4:35 PM, Grand Hyatt Independence D/E (CHED, SOCED)
    • Analyzing hazards and risks in high school chemistry labs
  • Collaborating for success: Professional skills development for undergraduates, graduates and postdocs, 1:20-5:00 PM, Washington Marriott at Metro Center Junior Ballroom 2 (CINF, CHED, PROF, YCC)
    • Importance of skills development in the ACS certified bachelor’s degree in chemistry
    • Collaborative efforts between faculty and embedded safety professionals to improve critical thinking skills of undergraduates
  • Advancing graduate education: Opportunities and challenges, 1:30-5:00 PM, Grand Hyatt Independence C (CHED, PRES)
    • TSZ flaskFrom the safety beat: Incorporating lab safety into graduate training (featuring this very Safety Zone blogger)
    • Supporting improved safety practices in graduate chemistry education
  • Division of Chemical Health & Safety awards, 1:30-3:15 PM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Make safety habits by finding your cues, routines, and rewards for safety!
    • Chemical Safety: The state of the arts
    • Stanford’s laboratory safety culture – from chemistry to the campus
  • Soft skills in training and interactions, 3:25-5:10 PM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Elements of leveraging soft skills
    • Be prepared: Things to do before EHS interactions with lab
    • Developing and maintaining relationships with research: Who, how, and why?
    • Supporting development of chemical risk assessment skills

MONDAY, Aug. 21

  • Committee on Chemical Safety open and executive meeting, 7:00-9:00 AM, Marriott Marquis Independence F-H
  • Building a safety culture across the chemistry enterprise, 8:30-11:10 AM, Marriott Marquis Ballroom Salons 1/2 (PRES)
    • The Chemical Safety Board: Safety is good business and good policy
    • Safety goggles aren’t just for nerds
    • Changing the federal oversight model of Department of Energy National Laboratories
    • Are you prepared for a journey?
  • Chemistry in an evolving political climate: Research priorities and career pathways in public policy, 8:30 AM-noon, Marriott Marquis Chinatown (YCC)
    • Non-proliferation for chemical weapons
    • Chemical safety as a national policy priority
  • Teaching laboratory safety in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum, exhibitor workshop sponsored by Flinn Scientific, 9:30 am-noon, Convention Center room 103A


  • Building a safety culture across the chemistry enterprise, 1:00-5:00 PM, Marriott Marquis Ballroom Salons 1/2 (PRES)
    • Improving safety in the chemical enterprise through transparent sharing of best safety practices: The Dow Laboratory Safety Academy delivers safety information to all
    • Back to [safety] basics at Northwestern
    • Building a safety mindset: An undergraduate’s perspective on chemical safety in academia
    • Implementation of enhanced science classroom safety standards and chemical hygiene plans at the high school level
    • OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs-past successes and future challenges
    • The Joint Safety Team: A researcher-led initiative for improving academic safety culture


  • Divisions of Chemical Health & Safety and Small Chemical Business social hour, 5:30-7:30 PM, District Distilling, 1414 U St. NW
  • Sci-Mix, 8:00-10:00 PM, Convention Center halls D/E
    • Mapping laboratory risk assessment resources
    • Division of Chemical Health and Safety Information Poster
    • Catching up with Runaway Hot Plates
    • Improving safe use of pressure systems in chemistry laboratories

TUESDAY, Aug. 22

  • Chemophobia: Communicating chemistry, 8:00 AM-noon, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Chemicals: The good, the bad, and the ugly
    • The good, The bad and the uncertain: Public perception of the chemical enterprise
    • TSZ flaskRole communications play in laboratory safety (featuring this Safety Zone blogger, filling in for ACS’s Susan Morrissey)
    • Developing design principles for ‘lesson learned’ laboratory safety videos
    • It’s no accident that many journalists don’t write clearly about lab safety incidents
    • Hazmat event reporting in the media
    • Risk communication for the non-chemist (and chemist)


  • Building a safety culture across the chemical enterprise, 1:30-4:50 PM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Challenges and opportunities of building and promoting safety culutre with a federal agency (the Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Administration)
    • How can we build sustainable safety culture: Safety training vs safety education?
    • Challenges and rewards in enforcing laboratory safety and training: First year on the job
    • Safety guidelines for the chemistry professional
    • Partnering with faculty and staff towards improved safety culture
    • Development and implementation of a researcher oriented chemical-safety support program at a 1st tier academic research institution
    • Establishing a sustainable safety culture in academic research labs


  • Building a safety culture across the chemical enterprise, 8:30-9:50 AM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS, PROF)
    • Safe operating cards (SOCs): Open communication helps best practices from industry move to academia
    • GHS information integration in PubChem
    • Pharmaceutical industry best practices in lessons learned: ELN implementation of Merck’s reaction review policy
  • Emerging trends in research operations, 10:00-11:50 AM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Framingham State University: Science Building
    • Safe and appropriate application of filtered fume hoods
    • iLab operating software materials management
    • Monitoring VOCs within flammable liquid chemical storage cabinets for laboratory safety


  • Emerging trends in research operations, 1:30-5:10 PM, Convention Center room 209C (CHAS, CCS)
    • Multidisciplinary research institutes and the challenges they bring
    • Convergence of research operations and safety: A mutually beneficial partnership
    • Role of the EHS Professional in laboratory design
    • Taking safety management to the next level: Moving from assumptions to reality
    • Designing and operating facilities to support the safe conduct of research activities
    • Personal chemical exposure sensor with indoor positioning and robotics for laboratory safety
    • Hydrogen gas lab servers provide many advantages to laboratory operations
    • Achieving a balance between expansion and cost control: Yale University West Campus Research Operations

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