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We are witnessing the tremendous demand of energy by our very own eyes. The petroleum, natural gas, coal and others are non-renewable sources of energy that will soon deplete. Hence, efforts are driven on renewable energy such as solar, wind, water, biodiesel, biomass and so on. The renewable energy efforts are quite expensive since it is relatively new and not really establish yet. As a chemical engineer, we need to think, contribute and take some level of action towards promoting renewable energy. It can be done by harnessing it from our environment.

Basically, energy harvesting is a process in which energy is collected from energy
fields such as heat, light and wind, and then either used or stored for
off grind, on demand use. Energy harvesting is typically thought to be a
solution for residential appliances and small, personal electronics,
but it could play a big role in creating smart, energy efficient cities.
This infographic by Sagentia illustrates how energy harvesting might just be a more realistic energy solution than it was previously thought to be. It is a useful infographic and I would like to urge you to share this beautiful infographic with your friends and family. Just click the infographic to make view it larger.


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