Chemical Engineering Master and/or Ph.D student(s)

I completed my Ph.D study last year and it has been a great experience, I must say. I am going to continue doing research mainly because I am very interested to conduct research, I love publishing my work, I like presenting my work in conferences as well as I want to contribute to the advancement of technology and knowledge.

Hence, in order to continue the research culture, I am currently looking for master and/or PhD student to work on a
project with me. Following are the criteria/information for the future

  1. Citizenship:- Malaysian (because scholarship can easily be obtained).
  2. Topic: related to biodiesel sustainability study.
  3. Scope: experimental, optimization, modelling and kinetics.
  4. Full time position.
  5. Trusted, honest, self discipline, self motivated, responsible.
  6. Have the desire to complete master in 2 years and phd in 3 years.
  7. Good command in English (writing especially)
  8. Location: Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. 

If you fulfill the above criteria, you are welcome to contact me via email.

Instead of reading, why not share your writing of chemical knowledge
and experiences here, in Chemical Engineering World blog? It will be
interesting. It doesn’t matter if you are still a chemical engineering
students or you just work as an engineer or you are a very experience
engineer. Sharing your story would be great. I am also still learning
and would like to learn something from you. Just email me to share
something in this blog. You can share stories, articles, photos,
infographics, podcast, videos etc. 

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I’m Zaki. I used to be a project, process and chemical engineer. Few years ago I successfully became a Chartered Engineer (IChemE) and Professional Engineer (BEM). I’m now employed as a chemical engineering educator/researcher/consultant. Hope you like reading my blog. I welcome any feedback from you. My email: zaki.yz[alias] TQ!

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