ChBE UGrads @ GaTech: Variable Hour Courses/Research

So, you are planning to do research this semester, and you have
turned in your signed approval form from your professor.  You receive
the email notification that you can now register for the course.


When you register for a variable hour course (i.e. research), the registration will default to 1 hour; it is your responsibility
to change the hours based on the agreement you have made with your
supervising professor.  Your advisor CANNOT change the hours for you.

How do I change the number of hours for a variable hour course?

  1. Log into Buzzport
  2. On the Home tab locate the “REGISTRATION AND STUDENT SERVICES” channel
  3. Select the “Registration – OSCAR” link
  4. Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  5. Select “Registration”
  6. Select “Add/Drop Classes”
  7. Select “Term”
  8. Select “Change Course Options” at the bottom of screen
  9. Enter the desired number of hours.

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