ChBE UGrads @ GaTech: Biotech Elective: RESEARCH APPROVAL REQUIRED

Any student who is pursuing the Biotechnology concentration in CHBE who is planning to use research to fill the Biotech elective:  READ THIS!

If you plan to apply research (CHBE 4699) to fulfill the Biotech elective, you MUST get this pre-approved by Dr. Agrawal to confirm that the research is bio-related.  To get this approval you will:
Submit a one-page abstract describing your research.
Include the term in which the research was completed.
Obtain the signature of your supervising professor on the abstract.
Turn this in to Dr. Agrawal.

After he reviews it, he will email you (and me) to confirm (or deny) your research will fulfill the Biotech elective requirement.  If it is approved, HOORAY–and I will make this note on your degree audit in Degreeworks.  If NOT, the research will be removed on Degreeworks (even if it is currently fulfilling the requirement). 

Please note that all graduating seniors must submit a graduation application, and these applications are approved by degree certification and by the CHBE department.  We will NOT approve CHBE 4699 to fulfill the Biotech elective if you have not obtained approval from Dr. Agrawal.

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