Cards Saved with Square’s Card on File Now Automatically Update When They Expire

With Card Updater, we now automatically refresh expired cards so you never miss a sale with your recurring customers.

Many of our e-commerce developers and merchants have quickly adopted our Card on File capability. It’s a great way to build stronger relationships with buyers and tremendously simplifies the buying process for recurring customers. However, there is nothing more frustrating for an e-commerce merchant (or a buyer) than declining a recurring payment because of an expired card, and then missing out on a sale or purchase. When it happens, merchants need to manually send a notification to their buyers to update their card information and it can quickly become a maintenance nightmare while racking up significant costs for a business.

Starting today, cards saved with Square’s Card on File through our e-commerce API will automatically update when they expire. This new feature, called Card Updater, makes the card refresh process completely seamless for both our merchants and their buyers at no additional cost. When a card on file expires, we automagically work with the card networks to refresh the account. All of this happens in the back end and is aimed at making merchants’ lives easier while reducing the costs associated with declined, expired cards.

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