A way to help Mexico Earthquake victims


Photo Credit: United Nations Photo (Flickr)

On September 19, 1985 Mexico City was hit with the most damaging earthquake in its history. Yesterday -exactly 32 years later- Mexico's capital and neighboring areas were hit again by a large earthquake that caused significant damage. While the scale of the destruction is still being assessed, countless people passed away and the lives of many have been disrupted. Today, many heroes are on the streets focusing on recovery and relief.

We at Cloudflare want to make it easy for people to help out those affected in central Mexico. The Mexico Earthquake app will allow visitors to your site to donate to one of the charities helping those impacted.


The Mexico Earthquake App takes two clicks to install and requires no code change. The charities listed are two well respected organizations that are on the ground helping people now.

If you wanted to add your own custom list of charities for disaster relief or other causes, feel free to fork the source of this app and make your own.

#Mexico Force: A way to support the victims of the SismoMX

On September 19, 1985, Mexico City was affected by one of the worst earthquakes in its history. Yesterday – exactly 32 years later – the CDMX and surrounding areas were affected by another strong earthquake. Although the scale of destruction is not yet fully understood, many people have suffered damage. Thousands of Mexican heroes focus on search, rescue and reconstruction

At Cloudflare we want to put our grain of sand and make sure that the donations for the affected can reach easily. Our Mexico Earthquake app will allow those who visit your website to donate to civil associations that support the victims.

If you want to add other organizations and / or charities, you can modify the available source code here .


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