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At Square, each of our community groups has a spotlight month. WomEng Spotlight Month at Square ran through July, celebrating women engineers both inside Square and outside. We organized a Square seller pop-up at the SF office, which we covered in Part 1 of Women Who Make, featuring women engineers and designers who also happen to have their own businesses.

Square’s NYC office closed off WomEng spotlight month by organizing its very own seller pop-up, featuring local women creators in tech. Here are their stories.

Samantha Goldstein

Samantha Goldstein is a senior software engineer at Etsy. At work, she builds to support millions of other makers. At home, she makes things that combine her passion for computers and craft, mixing organic materials like clay and wood with hardware, microcontrollers, and small chips.

Emily Griffin

Emily is a freelance illustrator and artist, and a proud Texan in Brooklyn. Though she is currently working in mostly digital formats, her work is inspired by a background in traditional watercolor, with a focus on soft colors, light, and a feeling of “controlled imperfection”. She’s interested in painting skies and landscapes as well as illustrating cartoons that encourage emotional vulnerability with a bit of light-hearted humor attached. Her work has been featured by Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Brooklyn Magazine, and Bustle, and she often works with individuals in tech to spruce up their presentations and Twitch with cute illustrations (ex. Sarah Groff-Palermo’s “Adventures in the vBuffer”).

Rebeca Medina Luna

Rebeca is a Senior Software Engineer at Etsy. She makes linocut prints, candles, and knits which she sells in her Etsy shop.

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