Voices From Our Internal WomenConnect Event

Why do you think events like WomenConnect are important?

“We are all busy people. These events give us a chance to block off time to connect with our colleagues beyond the work. Listening to the challenges faced by everyone, from new colleagues to long-time peers and senior leaders, allows all of us to better reflect on opportunities for improvement within the workspace, because we accept that everyone around us is, fundamentally, human.” – Nanna Ericson, Senior Technical Program Manager

“It gives women a forum to be a little more vulnerable, be more open about issues, and celebrate their successes.” – Thejaswini Holla, Senior Software Engineer

“Everyone who comes to these events has different backgrounds and goals, but here, we come together as one community and with a strong belief that these events will give us an opportunity to align our career growth, achievements, and challenges, and learn in this process.” – Neha Kachroo, Senior Software Engineer

“It gives people a sense of how we all fit into the big picture—how we, people from distinct backgrounds building LinkedIn, are shaping the product for people like us. This makes us understand how it’s crucial to have every group of people represented in the developing team. It’s not a perspective that I remind myself of enough on a day-to-day basis.” – Thao Bach, Software Engineer

What drives you to attend and contribute to WIT events?

“My reason would be to pay it forward. The support system we received to become successful women in tech needs to be paid forward until we bridge the gap that still exists today. WIT provides multiple channels to facilitate that. Being a part of WIT encourages us all to participate and learn in this journey of being a tech woman.” – Manisha Kamal, Senior Software Engineer

“I enjoy the networking opportunity it provides, as well the insight into other backgrounds and situations. We have lots in common, yet we are each different, which is why it’s great to come together.” – Thejaswini Holla, Senior Software Engineer

“It’s enlightening to hear from senior leaders about their career reflections and get a glimpse of their roles and the problems they solve. As someone who has been out of college only one year, I felt like I became a few years wiser just from hearing the wisdom and lessons from people who are more experienced and have lived through my age and beyond.” – Thao Bach, Software Engineer

What is the best piece of advice you received at the event?

“‘Speak up and be prepared.’ Whether it is a career progression or a job change, you need to be strong enough and prepare well (you can even script it at first). Trust me, it will eventually pay off. You need to have a mental plan, reach out to people facilitating your goals, and grow in this journey.” – Tetyana Bruevich, Senior Manager, Global Readiness

“Jeff gave very practical advice on how to deal with disagreements and arguments. Approach the other person with compassion and being a spectator to your own thoughts. Take a step back and think about what leads the other person to that position and why they feel that way. This advice was helpful for both my professional life and personal life.” – Angie Zhu, Senior Software Engineer


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