Rattan Khosa gifts to University of Chicago Both School of Business

Rattan Khosa makes a gift to establish the “Rattan L. Khosa Students Entrepreneur Program” at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.  The new program consists of four components:

  • The Rattan L. Khosa First-Place Prize at the Edward L. Kaplan, ’71, New Venture Challenge: The majority of the total gift will be used to endow the first place award for the nationally-ranked annual Edward L. Kaplan, ’71 New Venture Challenge. For 2018, the winning team or individual will be awarded at least $150,000; in subsequent years, that will increase to approximately $200,000, which is among the largest prizes awarded in a business school competition.
  • The Rattan L. Khosa Entrepreneurial Fellowships, awarded to two graduating entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building their ventures full-time. The fellowships, part of the overall Polsky Founders’ Fund Fellowship program, will provide a one year stipend, awarded quarterly. The fellowship will also include one-on-one mentoring, which Khosa views as central to his role.
  • The Rattan L. Khosa Entrepreneurial Interns: Three students will receive financial support to work for either a startup company or on their own startup, within the Polsky Center Entrepreneurial Internship Program.
  • The Rattan L. Khosa “Against All Odds” Student Award: This annual prize will be awarded to a graduating student who has overcome significant hurdles to launch his or her business. Entrepreneurship faculty and staff will nominate candidates.

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