Our Donations for 2018 – Kickstarter Engineering

At Kickstarter, we use a lot of open-source software. We pledge in our PBC charter to support a more creative and equitable world, and that our operations will reflect our values. As part of that ethos, we try to do our share to support the open-source ecosystem by making a financial contribution to select projects.

To choose these organizations, we surveyed all of our engineers asking for nominations. They were more than eager to help, and as a result we split our yearly donation budget between two open-source projects and four organizations that foster learning or the improvement of coding skills within the open-source community.


Babel is a toolchain that is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backwards-compatible version of JavaScript in current and older browsers or environments.

Babel allows us to use the latest Javascript technologies while making Kickstarter accessible to creators and backers all over the world. Henry and the rest of the Babel team have done an amazing job growing and improving the Babel toolchain.


Webpack is the tool we use to bundle our Javascript here at Kickstarter, and we’re grateful for the community that builds and maintains this tool!

Advent of Code:

For the last two years our engineers have enjoyed sharpening their problem-solving skills by working together on Advent of Code puzzles during the holiday season. Eric Wastl has done an amazing job turning complex computing problems into whimsical holiday stories!

Rails Girls Summer of Code:

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program that helps women and non-binary individuals get involved in open-source projects. More diverse teams build better software. We value diversity on our team and chose to support Rails Girls Summer of Code to encourage diversity in the wider tech community.

Code Nation:

Code Nation equips students in under-resourced high schools with skills, experiences and connections to create access to careers in technology. One of our senior engineers spends time each week mentoring students through Code Nation, so it made sense for us to support them a bit more.

Code Cooperative:

Code Cooperative teaches formerly incarcerated individuals the skills needed to be users and creators of technology. The work of addressing the systemic inequity of the prison system is vast, and we’re excited to support an organization equipping this community to address issues important to them using technology.

Huge thanks to all of the many people who put time and effort into these projects!

Want to help select the projects and organizations we support next year? Join our team! We’re always hiring passionate, creative, and collaborative engineers to help bring creative projects to life.

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