OnePlus: The Journey to 6!

OnePlus 6 created ripples the moment it launched. Widely known as “Flagship Killer,” OnePlus 6 stands true to its motto – ‘Never Settle’ by providing flagship phone features at a budget price. With its presence in 38 countries, and incorporation of great features such as AMOLED screen, fast charging, 4K60 video recording, improved design and a larger screen, OnePlus 6 has incorporated the best features in their latest release.

Although OnePlus 6 comes with many features and is spectacular in every aspect, how did OnePlus get to this? Incorporated in December 2013, OnePlus has existed for about 5 years now. And in this brief time, the flagship killer has managed to leave a mark and compete with giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

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