NYC Engineering Excellence Meetup | LinkedIn Engineering

We regularly play host to a series of meetups here at the LinkedIn office in the Empire State Building. Open to the community, these events cover a range of topics—from distributed systems, web and mobile development, to machine learning—and are a great way for engineers to meet, share notes, and learn from each other on various technical topics.

At our latest meetup in July, we were joined by keynote speakers from LinkedIn and Facebook, and over 150 attendees from the tech community here in NYC. The presentations centered around how engineers deal with challenges of productivity and efficacy in engineering a few of the largest scale systems in the world.

For those who couldn’t make the event, here’s a short recap of the keynotes from the Engineering Excellence Meetup.

Deceptive problems in distributed systems

To kick off the night, Swapnil Ghike took the stage to share some of the most common challenges that come with running large-scale distributed systems. He discussed the famous CAP theorem, which describes how a shared-data system can have at most two of the following three properties: consistency, availability, and tolerance to network partitions.

In an interactive session, Swapnil worked with the audience in addressing the following questions when designing a real-time messaging application.

  • How do you provide exactly-once delivery guarantee?
  • How do you prevent the decoration failures?
  • Is it okay sometimes to miss an event?
  • How do you ensure First In First Out (FIFO) ordered delivery?

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