Netflix Hack Day — Fall 2018 – Netflix TechBlog – Medium

This Hack Day, there were hacks that ranged from making improvements to the product, to enhancing our internal tools, to just having some fun. We know even the silliest idea can spur something more.

Below, you can find videos made by the hackers of some of our favorite hacks from this event. You can also check out highlights from our past events: March 2018, August 2017, January 2017, May 2016, November 2015, March 2015, February 2014 & August 2014.

The most important value of our Hack Days is that they support a culture of innovation. We believe in this work, even if it never makes it in the product, and we love to share the creativity and thought put into these ideas.

Major credit and thanks goes to all the teams who put together a great round of hacks in 24 hours.

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