Multi-Cloud Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker report now available.

by Emily Burns, Asher Feldman, Rob Fletcher, Tomas Lin, Justin Reynolds, Chris Sanden and Rob Zienert

We’re pleased to announce the release of our O’Reilly report, Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker. The report is available to download for free on the Spinnaker website. ( Pdf | Epub | Mobi )

About The Report

At Netflix, we’ve built and use Spinnaker as a platform for continuous integration and delivery. It’s used to deploy over 95% of Netflix infrastructure in AWS, comprised of hundreds of microservices and thousands of deployments every day.

Encoded within Spinnaker are best practices for high availability, as well as integrations with Netflix tools like Chaos Monkey, ChAP Chaos Automation Platform, Archeius, Automated Canary Analysis and Titus. With Spinnaker, developers at Netflix build and manage pipelines that automate their delivery process to cloud VMs, containers, CDNs and even hardware OpenConnect devices.

We first built Spinnaker to commoditize delivery for internal teams so they can manage their deployments. Our active open source community helped validate Spinnaker’s cloud-first, application-centric view of delivery by contributing tools, stages and cloud provider integrations.

We were motivated to write this report as a high-level introduction to help engineers better understand how Netflix delivers production changes and the way Spinnaker features help simplify continuous delivery to the cloud. The report covers converting a delivery process into pipelines that can safely deploy to Kubernetes and Amazon EC2, adopting and extending Spinnaker, and ways to leverage advanced features like automated canary analysis and declarative delivery. We hope you like it.

Physical Copies

If you would like a physical copy of the report, members of the Spinnaker team will have them on hand at the following upcoming conferences:

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