DeepOcean will replace Statoil riser

The oil service company with headquarters in Haugesund characterizes the contract as significant, but the parties do not specify the value of the work that includes construction work and replacement of risers in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea.
HAUGESUND: “The contract is divided into fixed work and options consisting of complex marine operations for replacing, installing and collecting risers, as well as other installation work on the Njord, Kristin, Troll C and Åsgard fields.
Engineering and Preparatory activities will begin in 2018 and offshore implementation is set to 2019 and 2020.
The project team will work from DeepOcean’s offices in Haugesund and Stavanger, “DeepOcean states in a press release.




Throughout 2016 and 2017, DeepOcean has successfully completed complicated and demanding underwater operations for Statoil and the construction vessel Edda Freya has set a new market standard for efficiency and operationality within SURF marine operations.
The contract confirms the results we have achieved and further strengthens our solid relationship with Statoil.
We are looking forward to the cooperation with Statoil in this exciting project and we will work hard to ensure successful and safe implementation, “commented Rolf Ivar Sørdal, commercial director of DeepOcean underwater services, in the press release.


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