ChBE UGrads @ GaTech: Another way to communicate…

We are always trying to determine what methods of communication are the most effective–which is why the BLOG was started!  However, there are some types of information that may not be as well suited to the blog as others. 

So, the Student Advisory Board decided to give something else a try!  We have set up a CHBE Interactive website through T-Square–and you should be able to access it…

You all use T-Square, right?  So, while you’re there, check out the new site.  It will only be as useful as we make it.  There will be announcements, a calendar for events, and in the Forums, there will be a section for Scholarship opportunities, Job/Internship announcements, Corporate Partner information sessions, Research opportunities, and whatever else seems appropriate. 

Give us your feedback and your suggestions!

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