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The Case of the Trailing Space

Solve the case of the trailing space with IMVU’s Senior Engineer, Michael Slezak. In this post, I wanted to discuss a problem we ran into recently dealing with REST authentication in our IMVU client application which ultimately boiled down to small discrepancies between JSON encoders. In this case, I’m going to focus on Python’s JSON library and javascript’s JSON encoder. Before I dive into the problem, I want to provide a quick background on the client application architecture. Client Architecture The…

ChBE UGrads @ GaTech: Research position: Kawajiri group

The Kawajiri research group is looking for an undergraduate researcher who is interested in developing an hydrogen energy production process over multiple semesters. We are working with the Atomistic Simulations and Energy Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering for thermogravimetric testing. The goal of this testing will be to identify high preforming oxygen storage materials (OSM) for hydrogen production. Currently this lab is leading an ARPA-E in the Department of Energy focused on the construction of a concentrated solar powered reactor. This…