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Fall 2013 Unit Ops and Process Control registration

Many seniors plan to take these classes in their final year.  The prerequisite for both classes is CHBE 3210 Transport II, and you can take them concurrently with ChBE 3225 Separations and/or CHBE 4300 Kinetics.  Since both of these classes are labs, we usually recommend taking them in two separate semesters when possible.  You need to sign up for both the lecture and lab sections of this class when seats are open.  However, many of the sections are filled following…

Be An Expert in At Least One Chemical Engineering Area

If you read this article, chances are you are a chemical engineering student or already graduated as a chemical engineer sometime ago. Congratulations!!!  Being a chemical engineer, there are plenty of job offers from various fields and industry. A chemical engineer can be in the oil and gas, biotechnology, oil and gas, polymer, plantations, educations, services, manufacturing, moulding, computer and others. The list are too long to be listed here. Nevertheless, a chemical engineer who has additional strength of expertise…