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Economic alternative for hexavalent chromium anticorrosive agent

With EHLA, metal protection layers can be applied at an extremely high speed. Credit: Fraunhofer ILT To prevent components from becoming corroded or worn, they are often coated using hexavalent chromium. Starting in September of 2017, though, this will only be permitted with exceptions. The extreme high-speed laser material deposition (EHLA) developed by Fraunhofer and RWTH researchers offers an economic alternative for the first time ever. Whether in the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering or aerospace, numerous metallic components…

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Insect Architecture Posted on April 26, 2017  Comments (2) In this webcast The Brain Scoop takes an interesting look at the homes of eusocial animals and other insects. The video includes many interesting details including that adult weaver ants can’t produce the silk used to weave leaves together so they pick up their larva and use them like a glue stick. Related: For Many Crops Ants Can Provide Pest Protection Superior or Equal to Chemicals at a Much Lower Cost…