A new chapter… – Medium Engineering

After two years of investing, advising, and traveling I’m excited to get back to work. Today I start at Medium as head of engineering. This is a challenging job in many ways, not the least of which is by nature I’m not a writer and I like to communicate in short, clipped sentences — more Steinbeck than Joyce.

While I was off I realized I missed three things about work: 1) being surrounded by smart, creative people; 2) solving hard problems everyday; and 3) having a purpose greater than myself.

Over the last month Ev Williams and I started talking about coming and helping Medium full time, I realized it was time to get back into the fray and that Medium would allow me to get back to the things I missed. I’m grateful to Ev for the opportunity to bring new ideas and perspectives to the world.

As I’ve gotten started I’ve been lucky to spend time with Dan Pupius and the team at medium. Dan has done an exceptional job preparing the way for me. I want to preserve the special nature of the team Dan has created and be true to his legacy by focusing on the people that make medium great.

Time to get started…

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