4 Trusted Ways to Improve Your Packaging

Is your boss looking to cut costs? Or are you in charge of some packaging changes? You’ve probably touched more than 20 packaged items today without even knowing it. What you should notice is packaging optimization. Optimizing your packaging can drastically improve your business. If your business ships anything at all packaging optimization is worth looking into, and here is why:

#1 Change Your Packaging Design

Your package is the first thing your customer sees. It needs to be attractive enough to be picked off of the shelf instead of your competitors. Packaging optimization can completely redesign your package. So if you need a change in your marketing, packaging redesign is an ingenious way to re-market your product.

Need a handle for easy carrying? Done. Are your wanting to fit more of your product into a truck or box? That can be done too. What is fantastic about packaging optimization is the flexibility. Tasks can range from a small adjustment to a whole new design.

#2 Look at Cost Reduction

Are you spending too much? Packaging optimization can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on packaging. Companies often have “slack”, or extra space, in their packaging that results in them spending extra money to ship empty space. There are many factors that can be changed in the packaging process. Some of the smallest changes can add up, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

#3 Address Damage Reduction

Damage is a huge problem in the shipping industry! Angry customers are no fun. Packaging optimization uses an array of tests to make sure your product arrives to your customers in perfect condition. The strength of the box, the tools that handle your packages, and what type of cushion you are using are all important factors that are considered.

#4 Create Some Sustainability

Packing optimization can help you put more product on your truck, which means you need less trucks to ship. This is a win-win option for your wallet and the environment. You can also chose the “green” option for your packaging by making your packaging from recyclable or degradable materials. Lastly, you can invest in return packaging so you can ship your products in the same container time after time.

Consider bringing up packaging optimization at your next business meeting, it is often an option that companies overlook. A small change in your packaging can save your company thousands of dollars. Want to know more about what packaging optimization can do for your company? 

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 By Chelsea Hennen 

Image courtesy of atibodyphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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